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Health and Recreation

We have lots of activities for the active.
Whether it’s as disciplined and structured as Division I basketball or as casual as a daily run on our indoor track, there are plenty of ways to give your body a workout to rival the one your mind gets in class.

Athletics. We play NCAA Division I in men’s basketball, baseball, indoor and outdoor track and field, cross country, tennis, and golf. Women’s teams compete in basketball, softball, volleyball, indoor and outdoor track and field, cross country, and tennis. Be a star. Or a fan.

Intramurals. Mavericks come in all skill levels. Intramurals are the best way to get everyone in the game. We play everything from bowling and flag football to dodgeball and video game tournaments.

MAC. (a.k.a. the Maverick Activities Center) It’s the unofficial center of the UTA campus. It’s usually full of people competing, meeting, gaming, swimming, dunking basketballs, serving volleyballs, talking, listening, eating, and surfing. (Though as of right now, surfing is limited to the Web. Sorry.)

Sport Clubs. If you want to take your game on the road without competing at a Division I level, we have a range of Club Sports. Everything from aikido to wrestling with some ultimate frisbee flung in the middle.

Campus Recreation. The best resource for learning how to fit in your fitness. We'll show you when to get your MAC on, how to bring it intramural-style, where to take the aquatic plunge, who can help you take training personally, and everything else fitness/wellness-related on campus.

Health Services. We can help you stay in the game by promoting health and helping you maintain top shape—starting with a medical clinic that operates 5 days a week throughout the entire year.

Counseling and Psychological Services. We offer confidential, professional help with academic, career, and personal problems. We also host seminars and workshops. Get assistance to deal with short-term issues and guidance for long-term solutions.

Multicultural Affairs. We can say there’s just about everything for everyone on our campus. And a lot of that diversity can be found through our multicultural affairs department, which showcases cultural events and promotes leadership workshops for a more inclusive experience.

Students With Disabilities. The opportunities on campus are open to everyone. And our office of Students with Disabilities makes sure everyone has equal access to all of them.